7 New Predictions for a Post-Pandemic World

Expect cryptocurrency booms, intrusive biometric tracking, and the mainstream embrace of universal basic income

A 3D rendering  of the globe with lines connecting networks all around the world.
Photo: DKosig/E+/Getty Images

1. Equity markets will continue to soar, as fears of inflation drive commodity and crypto booms

2. While Amazon builds its empire, Shopify will keep bolstering the rebels

For independent merchants to survive in Amazon’s e-commerce future, Shopify will need to provide an alternative.

3. The rapid transition to a gig economy will upend U.S. health insurance markets

By dissociating health coverage from employment, this will make U.S. labor markets more efficient, boost small business formation, and dramatically improve the health outcomes of Americans in the long term.

4. Pandemic monitoring will mark a new era of mass digital surveillance

While the mass adoption of wearable health trackers will drive significant improvements to population-level health, it will also create vast, highly individualized datasets on users’ preferences and behavior.

5. The dawning code wars will put lives — not just data — at stake

6. The perceived overreach by finance and tech giants will spur a decentralized technology revolution

The proliferation of permission-free, decentralized systems will have dramatic second-order consequences.

7. Wealth and income inequality will continue to spiral, bringing universal basic income into the mainstream

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