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There was some interesting news trending on LinkedIn last week. The headline simply read something along the lines of “Two giants of industry team up for a people-free coffee.” I knew right away that the story would be considerably more ominous than the headline implied. As it turns out, New…

According to Bloomberg, Sony will introduce a new subscription service for PS4 and PS5 owners in the spring. Can, or even should, it be labeled as an answer to Xbox Game Pass? (Image:, Unsplash)

Rumors are constantly flying around the Web about all sorts of possible developments in the home entertainment market, but some of them turn out to be true simply because they made sense in the first place — and that’s exactly what’s happening during the last few days with Sony’s alleged…

40 years ago, the Reagan administration decided that monopolies were good, actually. Rather than preventing the kinds of mega-mergers that increased corporate power (over workers, regulators, customers and competitors), Reagan decreed that monopolies were “efficient” and should be left alone.

40 years later, every one of our industries has consolidated…

In one way, the story of Netflix taking down Blockbuster is an inspiring one: just a handful of people with no experience in the video industry, using nothing more than imagination and persistence, taking down the biggest video rental company in the world.

But what if you are the 800…

Photo by Jaimy Willemse on Unsplash

“Gas prices are the highest they’ve ever been!” screamed a recent headline in the Los Angeles Times. “Pain at the pump drives Biden’s suffering in the polls!” trumpeted Politico. Really? About time to remind folks that by historical standards, it’s still pretty cheap to drive your car.

How could that…

Source: Photo by Zulian Firmansyah on Unsplash

Failure is a great teacher. In late November, mattress-in-a-box firm Casper announced that it was being taken private at a valuation roughly 25% of its last private funding round. Some lessons from Casper’s failure.

Coke Pepsi Challenge

Casper’s gross margins are a few percentage points higher than Purple’s. Higher gross margins means more…

Bosch’s painting ‘The Conjurer,’ in which a fast-fingered magician bamboozles a bunch of gawping rubes with a shell game. In the original, the conjurer holds a pea from under a shell; in this one, he holds a Bitcoin logo.

The world’s economy ground to a halt during the pandemic as millions died, production slowed or stopped altogether, and the resulting supply chain disruptions made many essential products and services impossible to deliver. And yet, the world’s billionaires added $5.5t to their net worth during that time.

Thank “financialization,”…


Pop business for the intelligent reader. A publication from Medium.

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