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Netflix expanded its reach for yet another year, but the service will probably not have an easy time repeating that in the years to come. Unless… (Image: Dima Solomin, Unsplash)

The term “too big to fail” has historically referred to financial institutions, but it seems like Netflix is keen on proving that it could also apply to certain… entertainment institutions, maybe? The company announced its earnings for the last quarter of last year (as well as for 2021 overall) and…

Co-Authored with Bob Tarantino

Image by Royal via @join_royal Jan 20, 2022

A Tangled Web

Imagine you like a musical artist — actually, imagine you more than like them, you believe in them. You think their work has the potential to be huge. If only there was some way you could invest in their future. Now there is.

Two related forms…

No Mercy No Malice

“A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”

— Robert Browning

Entrepreneur is a synonym for salesperson, and salesperson is the pedestrian term for storyteller. Pro tip: No startup makes sense. We (entrepreneurs) are all impostors who must deploy a fiction (i.e. story) that captures imaginations…

Photo by Creative Christians on Unsplash

I have to start by disclaiming that, as a young millennial, I don’t encounter many teenagers. I see them on the street, in huge, teeming groups of testosterone, and they unnerve my dog. But, in general, people tend not to know the generation directly above or below them. My parents…

Source: Billboard

This week, Twitter released a new brand campaign: If you can dream it, Tweet it, featuring celebrities who publicly Tweeted their ambitions before reaching them. Since then, the campaign has been lauded across the press and received positive commentary across social media (including Twitter itself).

Megan Thee Stallion, Issa Rae…

Oakworth Station — Gucci x The North Face — Francis Bourgeois:

“I’m about to have a ride on a 2MT. Come join me,” says the smiling TikTok star Francis Bourgeois, who’s wearing his train conductor coat with the pin of his favorite train, the class 456. At first, this TikTok video looks like one of Bourgeois’ usual #TrainTok videos, but as…


Pop business for the intelligent reader. A publication from Medium.

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