Amazon and Chewy Won the Puppy Boom. Now Pet Shops Are Biting Back

After Covid-19, big retailers now own 90% of the online pet food market. Can a new organization help small pet shops hang on?

An illustration of a pack of dogs surrounding and growling at two dogs. One dog is a doberman wearing a collar with the Chewy logo, the other dog is a bulldog wearing a collar with the Amazon logo. The two dogs are sitting on top of a mountain of dog treats.
Illustration: AJ Dungo for Marker
Seven-year-old James and Chewie, the Cavapoo pup. Photo: Kaite Giordano

In 2020, Amazon saw its pet food sales climb to $9 billion, more than double what it sold in 2019.

Photo: Mud Bay

“Chewy will add a sample of its American Journey dog food in the same box as the food your customer just ordered.”

The “Easter Selfie Station” at Two Bostons. Photo: Two Bostons

IndiePet has also talked about creating a J.D. Power–type of IndiePet Seal of Approval, which could appeal to the more discerning pet owner, for whom “gravying up” a bowl of dry dog food is akin to feeding actual human children Milk-Bones for breakfast.

A personal touch for pets in one of Two Bostons’ local stores. Photo: Two Bostons

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