Why Leading a Remote Team Requires Radical Candor

How to build better relationships with your team when everyone’s stressed out and miles away

A woman closing her eyes in thought while sitting in front of her laptop at home.
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Teams everywhere are facing unprecedented challenges, and it’s tempting not to share scary information when there is already so much bad news.

1. Care personally by checking in with your teammates.

Be candid and clear about what you are going to do, and honest about what you are not going to do.

2. Challenge each other directly to prioritize more, work less. Make a “proactive forbearance” list.

3. Partnership works better than command and control or absentee management.

If the boss is behaving badly, see them as a human being who is stressed out like you. Check in and show that you care. Then explain why their behavior is counterproductive.

4. Speak truth to power: leaders need feedback now more than ever.

Kim Scott is co-founder of two consulting companies based on her bestseller Radical Candor & her newest book, Just Work: Get Sh*t Done, Fast & Fair.

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