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How a $100 million startup collapsed

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Every now and then you stumble into a story, almost accidentally. Several months ago we asked journalist Courtney Rubin to write a story about failure — specifically, the best steps to take when a CEO realizes their startup is falling apart. In the course of reporting the piece she encountered Homepolish, a buzzy VC-backed interior design startup that had allegedly done the opposite of that: late last year it shuttered suddenly, leaving hundreds of freelance designers unpaid, customers in a lurch, and a CEO taking very little responsibility.

As we in journalism describe it, Courtney began pulling the string on the story — and before she knew it, she was in contact with former employee after former employee about what exactly had happened to the company. The result is a riveting and instructive tale of what not to do: How a Hot $100 Million Home Design Startup Collapsed Overnight.”

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Danielle Sacks

Executive Editor, Marker // Medium



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