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How to Stop Procrastinating for Good

An executive seeking time management tips gets deeper advice addressing the root of his problems with procrastination and ‘getting things done’

Jerry Colonna
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4 min readFeb 3, 2020
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InIn today’s “Operator’s Manual,” I wanted to share an email exchange I had with a client about time management. As I wrote to him below, the core question about time management is whether it serves you to “be behind” on everything you have to do. Once you can answer that question honestly, you can start letting go of bad habits and embracing new ones:

From: B. To: Jerry Colonna <jerry@reboot.io>

Hi there. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I wonder if you could give me a referral? I’m still struggling a bit to manage my time these days. I realize that’s not your specialty; you’re more focused on deeper work. But do you know of anybody who could get granular with me on time management and priorities? Thanks!

From: Jerry Colonna <jerry@reboot.io> To: B.

Hey there… Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Ali and I were home alone with two feet of snow on the ground outside (which made for great hiking on Friday morning).

So, yes, I’ve had clients swear by David Allen’s Getting Things Done.

The methodology laid out in the book seems to work well for folks. More important, though, you can hire someone to come in and do a Marie Kondo-style reorganization of your life and teach you the methodology.

In my experience, they are the best. But, also in my experience, it only works about half the time. To me, the core question to ask oneself is, “How does it serve me to always feel behind (or disorganized or unproductive)? And is it time to let go of that need?”

But you know me, I’m a hammer and everything’s a nail.




From: B. To: Jerry Colonna <jerry@reboot.io>

Ooh I love that question so much. That seems incredibly pertinent. When are we chatting next? I would love…



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