Why Millennials Will Be This Decade’s Corporate Watchdogs

Consumers are increasingly skeptical of traditional businesses and looking for alternatives to exploitative or destructive practices

Tech workers and others arrive as Amazon Employees for Climate Justice lead a walkout and rally at the company’s headquarters
Photo: Jason Redmond/AFP/Getty Images

Our values, they are a-changing

We need only look as far back as the 20th century to remember that a product’s supply chain was not something consumers worried much about. But we certainly do now.

Millennials are increasingly skeptical of traditional businesses

Millennials believe businesses are responsible for employee well-being

Millennials expect companies to take a principled stance on social issues

Millennials’ concern for the environment is driving our economic behavior

And it’s not just millennials

Why things are changing now

1. The digital age comes with unprecedented access to information

2. It’s easier than ever to organize mass movements

3. Companies are beginning to fight regulators for what’s right

The financial pressure

Beyond profitability, a slew of companies are realizing that responsible operations are simply paramount to their ability to exist in the future — not just the right thing to do.

The internal pressure

While a small number of companies integrated social purpose from inception, many added it to their values and practices in the 2010s.

Crossing the chasm

The innovators

The early adopters

A noticeable shift

Leading change

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