Inside the Mysterious Company Behind Those Baffling 5-Minute Crafts Videos

Where did these strange viral videos come from and who is making tens of millions of dollars a year from them?

Jay Sprogell for Marker

As a DIY channel, which 5-Minute Craft purports to be, it’s not particularly DIY. There’s never a handy list of materials you need in order to complete the craft, no timing estimates, no step-by-step instructions.

“Cooking videos, videos where you mix paint together, videos where adults are unwrapping kids’ toys, or you cut into an object and its cake. We reach nirvana when we see them.”

In the summer of 2020, TheSoul collaborated with Mattel on DIY-style crafts presented by “Barbie and 5-Minute Crafts,” and even won a Media Excellence Award for the campaign.

How do these little bits of untruth everywhere, fissures in the cracks of our universal reality, start to infect us all?

Jen Doll is a freelance journalist as well as the author of the young adult novel Unclaimed Baggage and the memoir Save the Date.

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