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It’s Time We Dealt With White Supremacy in Tech

‘Make the hire. Send the wire.’

The exit sign for Sand Hill Road on Highway 280 in Menlo Park, CA. Sand Hill Road is home to many Silicon Valley venture capital firms. Photo: Mark Coggins/Moment Open/Getty Images

A man was lynched last month.

Whether we wanted to be or not, the video recorded by a courageous 17-year-old bystander plopped us all right on the sidewalk, too, as witnesses to George Floyd’s murder. And thanks to being right there with him, yet powerless in that moment to save him, we were all




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Tiffani Ashley Bell

Tiffani Ashley Bell

Founder & Executive Director at The @HumanUtility. @HowardU @ycombinator alumna. HKS Fellow. Investor. In 2021, at @StanfordGSB. Water is a human right.

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