Number Crunch is back!

And we’d love your help writing it

Marker’s daily column Number Crunch went on hiatus in March. While it used to be written and published by Marker Editors, we’re now resuming the column on a less frequent basis, and opening it up to writers on Medium. Marker contributor Tabarak Khan has done the honors of reopening the series with her fascinating look at how the U.S. Justice Department recovered $2.3 million in Bitcoin from a recent ransomware attack, revealing that cryptocurrencies are not as anonymous or untraceable as some criminals might like to believe.

If you’re interested in writing for this series, take a look at past entries in the series to understand the format and how we use a single data point to explain a larger trend in under 300 words, and send us a draft of an entry you would like us to consider by submitting it to Marker (and if we decide to publish, we’ll take care of the art!). You can write about any number currently in the news that you find interesting, as long as it has something to do with the world of business and work. We look forward to reading your numbers!