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As soon as the term ‘Tide Pod challenge’ entered the cultural lexicon, P&G took action.

The internet has inspired young people to do a few odd things. They may have planked on some tables and spun some fidget spinners, but these are harmless enough. Other times, people are inspired to do really absurd things when they log online.

Perhaps one of the worst, and most…

By automating drink preparation and operating tiny shops, the NYC coffee upstart could be the biggest threat to Starbucks yet

There are 4,000 coffee shops in New York City. Blank Street thinks they’re all doing it wrong. The company just raised $25 million from Tiger Global and General Catalyst to blanket the city with mobile carts and micro-stores serving low priced, high quality coffee.

What is Blank Street?

Finding a cup of coffee in…

How technology is changing the rules of the restaurant industry

The first company I worked for used Lotus Notes, an email client developed by Lotus Software in 1989 and seemingly not refreshed since. It also used a custom-built CRM made during the Reagan Administration and held together with duct tape and bubble gum. If you’ve ever worked for a large…

Animation of various brand logos around a petri dish with a dollar sign that someone is dropping silver on.
Animations: Shira Inbar

Special Report

From the admirable to the audacious, the highs and lows that have defined the last eight months

Extreme times tend to bring out the best and worst in humanity — and the same can be said for business. Over the past eight months, the pandemic has taken companies, brands, CEOs, workers, and the economy on a wild ride we never asked for. Some companies have made prescient…

A centralized shopping experience isn’t a match for easy discoverability or low prices

There’s a common saying in Silicon Valley: “All tech companies eventually become finance companies.” Recently though, the adage has shifted. Beyond aspirations of becoming a banking service, many tech companies also dream of eventually becoming a marketplace.

The dream makes sense. When you create a platform that serves as a…

Now is not the time to be embarrassed about asking customers and lenders for help

Several days ago, I received a frantic call from a small business owner. This entrepreneur, whom I’ll call Molly, runs two retail shops. Like many similar brick-and-mortar businesses around the country, she had seen a dramatic drop in her sales over the past few weeks.

And she realized things were…


Pop business for the intelligent reader. A publication from Medium.

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