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Dear Readers,

At Marker, we’ve chronicled the professional whiplash of the past year. Some people’s careers have soared throughout the pandemic, while others have lost their jobs or businesses. Some started companies or fundraised for the first time, while others struggled to balance working from home while running a homeschool…

If you can’t decide which direction to take your career, start by narrowing down what it is you really want

I love when people quit their jobs.

Okay, that’s probably a bit strong. Let me clarify: I love when people leave a job because they’ve made an impact and want new challenges, or feel they could be accomplishing a greater number of their goals elsewhere. But when these folks approach…

The first thing you need to do is identify a real problem

Want to launch a startup? Can’t come up with a good idea? Here’s how you get past that.

Abandon what ye want, all who enter here

The problem with wanting to start a startup is… just that. Your goal is wrong. You’re trying to start a business instead of trying to solve a real-world problem. A business should…

What happens when you find yourself unintentionally stranded in the world of entrepreneurship?

The Great Recession prompted a considerable increase in new businesses started by women entrepreneurs, particularly among women of color. This growth, termed the “New Women’s Movement,” illustrated the tenacity of women entrepreneurs and has for many reshaped the perception of women business owners.

“Millennial women entrepreneurs earn over 25% less…


Money is a shitty metric for work. Only you can find the right one.

“I wonder if you’d help me,” you wrote. “How do you measure progress in a person’s career?” you asked. You feel “that time is running out” and you’ve not achieved as much as you would have liked to. You’re successful enough in your career, working at a hot pre-IPO company…

How to get the most out of CEO biographies and business tomes — and not just the lessons they want to teach you

The book begins in medias res, at a moment of high tension. The author, a middle-aged journalist writing for a prestige business publication but worried about his financial future in an age of declining circulation and endless job cuts, quickly describes the protagonist. …


Pop business for the intelligent reader. A publication from Medium.

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