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Is it the end for the infamous startup strategy?

At the heart of the Theranos trial is a story about a founder with a potentially world-changing idea who took some questionable steps in desperation to achieve it, only to see that dream go up in flames. …

Corporate consolidation is squeezing our economy

Back in 2005, comedian George Carlin gave a ruthlessly cynical take on big business in America. To an audience of mostly regular workers, he said:

You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They got you by the balls.

He added that politicians exist to give you the illusion…

Or should we consider speed limits, guardrails, and restrictions on size?

The NFL is the most successful sports league in history, but how did a relatively obscure sport — born in Ohio in the 1920's — turn into a cultural and financial powerhouse?

In one word: Parity.

Although it was a long journey of experimentation, the governing body of the NFL…

The nonalcoholic movement reserves 37% of the days in a calendar year, nearly three times as many as Meatless Monday

The first time Americans were asked to reduce their meat consumption was during World War I. With the help of soon-to-be president Herbert Hoover, the U.S. Food Administration coined a slogan: Food will win the war. It was an effort to care for struggling Allies and nourish U.S. …

Founders with a small exit in their first company were much more likely to build a unicorn in their next, a new study of startups shows

Alex Tew isn’t your stereotypical Ivy League college dropout or software engineer at Google who founded a billion-dollar startup. Tew was a student at Nottingham University when he started his first project. His itch for building something and making some money had led him to create “The Million Dollar Homepage”…

A new kind of agent could help creators navigate and negotiate a rapidly evolving landscape

Part of making it as a creator is the luxury of having an agent — someone who pitches your talent to others, advocates for your rights in contract negotiations, and makes sure the value of your talent is captured to the maximum extent possible in every situation.

Having an agent’s…

No Mercy No Malice

The economic flood gates are about to open wide

A huge ocean wave breaks along the coast.

Post-crisis periods are among history’s most productive eras. London rebuilt after the Great Fire with grand new architecture, and Europe, after the worst of its plagues, underwent a commercial revolution. The Marshall Plan turned enemies into allies, fomenting peace and prosperity for more than half a century. Leaders also emerge…

The death of spells the end of a movement that valued steady profits over breakneck growth

This week, Bryce Roberts, a Salt Lake City–based venture capitalist and the brains behind, announced that his VC firm that focused on sustainable profits over rapid growth would no longer be accepting or making further investments after funding nearly 40 companies over six years. “This is not intended to…

Nick Huber is leading a growing entrepreneurial movement that’s anti-unicorn—and pro-plumbing

A close-up portrait of Nick Huber with 2D illustrations of paintbrushes, buckets, arrows, and hammers surrounding his face.

It’s early evening in Athens, Georgia, and Nick Huber, entrepreneur and recently crowned startup expert, is about to record a podcast. Huber and his followers aren’t your typical founders. They don’t want to divine the next unicorn, launch a SPAC, raise a wad of eight-figure VC funding, or even break…


Pop business for the intelligent reader. A publication from Medium.

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