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Copyright laws are taking down popular Twitch streamers — one ban at a time.

the fire nation attacked

Imane Anys (Pokimane) tweeted this out a few days ago after receiving a DMCA takedown notice. Twitch caught her live streaming an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender to her 20,000 viewers and consequently hit her with a 48-hour ban.

She is just one of many…

The company is expanding to a new form of entertainment, how it plans to proceed is still unclear

After months of rumors and speculation that made no sense initially, Netflix finally confirmed that it’s officially entering the gaming market: the announcement was made by Mike Verdu, vice president of game development at Netflix — yes, apparently there is such a role already — and while several key details…

It’s time to accept it, dear fanboys, as you are still in a privileged position anyway — for now

This was going to happen sooner or later, of course, but it’s nice to finally be able to comment on it as a fact rather than a possibility: Sony has officially entered the PC games publishing business. What makes the move official is not the already two released PlayStation ports…

A divorce that seems inevitable does not have to be ugly, does it?

It’s not often that we get to have some fun with the modern entertainment companies themselves instead of their products — but this is exactly what’s happening in the last few days with one of the greatest video game publishers in the world, Electronic Arts, and FIFA, the “non-profit” organization…

A little less enterprisey than Slack. A little more structured than Clubhouse. It’s just right.

In 2007, when BlackBerry was still the leader in the enterprise mobile space, a new competitor launched an irresistibly sleek touch-screen smartphone that epitomized the marriage of art and science. (Yes, we’re talking about the iPhone’s debut). BlackBerry executives scoffed at the seemingly pretentious device, which they thought would only…

Our kids understand it better than we do. And it’s training them for the token economy.

The stock market, still caught up in the GameStop trading frenzy, recently put a spotlight on the gaming industry’s latest entrant: Roblox. It debuted on the New York Stock Exchange last week via direct listing and was valued at a mind-boggling $45 billion. …

Money Talks

What the new dynamic between Redditors and Wall Street reveals about the stock market in 2021

Money Talks is a column that explores what happens when business, the economy, and culture collide.

GameStop is a struggling, kind of boring, mid-size retailer stuck in a legacy business — selling physical video games. But it’s also pretty much the only company anyone on Wall Street is talking about…


It’s the gaming platform all the cool kids are into this pandemic

$29.5 billion: That’s gaming startup Roblox’s new valuation, following a $520 million private fundraising round this week. Roblox — a platform that allows users to create their own games and socialize in virtual spaces like concerts and birthday parties — saw a sevenfold increase in valuation since its last funding…

Number of the Day

The number of streamers on the livestreaming platform more than doubled during the pandemic, but viewership has not increased proportionally

155%: That’s how much the number of active streamers on video game livestreaming platform Twitch has grown in 2020, from 3.3 million streamers in December 2019 to 8.5 million in November 2020, according to, a website that tracks statistics on Twitch.

Most of that growth happened between February and…


Pop business for the intelligent reader. A publication from Medium.

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