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Thoughts on the Theranos verdict and what it says about startup culture

The Theranos verdict seems to be a judgment against ‘fake it ’til you make it’, a core tenet of startup culture: it’s prompted founders and incubators to make gloomy and panicked pronouncements about the death of innovation. But Theranos’s error was really to conflate confidence with delusion. …

Thanks to the phenomenon of “multiples”

I recently wrote about the history of “pinch and zoom” — and how Apple didn’t really invent it. Apple executives love to claim they did; Steve Jobs even stood on stage and boasted “boy, have we patented it!”

But as I noted in my post, inventors had been working on…

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That’s designer and technologist John Maeda reflecting on the nature of disruptive innovation and their timescales. Whether it’s technologies with broad, sweeping applications that upend society — like what happened with the shift from steam power to electricity — to more specific inventions like the 1990s hard disk world, he…

Number of the Day

One tech company filed the most. And it wasn’t Google.

1%: That’s the approximate decline in the number of patents granted in the United States last year, according to TechCrunch.

The drop in the number of patents granted — from 354,428 in 2019 to 352,013 — seems likely to be a side effect of the pandemic’s general drag on the…

What We’re Reading

Some of the great articles on Medium that we’ve been reading and talking about. Happy reading (and highlighting)!

With Thanksgiving behind us, I’ve gone full throttle on getting my holiday gifts in order, which inevitably means I’m mining the web for the best online deals. One thing I’ve noticed (and come to dread) when clicking the ‘Checkout Cart’ button is the few extra dollars tacked on for shipping…

Business leaders ready to return to normal are operating with a losing strategy that could put them out of business

In times of crisis, companies innovate out of necessity. When the crisis is over, the urgency to act wanes, and we come to operate under a new version of “business as usual.” But are all the new ways of doing business necessarily better than the old ways? …


Pop business for the intelligent reader. A publication from Medium.

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