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Number Crunch

Some investors warn that the eyewear company is being viewed through rose-tinted glasses

$6 billion: Warby Parker’s staggering valuation after its stock prices soared 36% during its debut on the stock market last Wednesday.

Many eyeballs were fixed on Warby Parker’s stock market debut on September 29, eager to see how the market would react to a DTC brand going public. The company…

Number Crunch

The company’s shareholders aren’t very happy about it

$3.6 billion: That’s how much the father of Carvana CEO Ernie Garcia III has sold in the company’s stock since October 2020.

Garcia III spun Carvana off from his father’s used-car dealership chain, DriveTime, in Arizona. …


Is the collaboration with Saks the future of the retail sector?

$299: That’s the monthly membership fee to join SaksWorks, the collaboration between Saks Fifth Avenue and WeWork aiming to solve the issue of empty retail space.

WeWork has endured one hell of a rollercoaster in the past few years. From its meteoric rise and subsequent spectacular fall, the company has…

Number Crunch

A record number of women are now leading Global 500 businesses

23: That’s the number of women leading Global 500 businesses, an increase of nine from 2020, according to Fortune. That is the highest number since Fortune began tracking the number of female CEOs in 2014.

Six of the women are of color, up from just one in 2020.

Some of…

Number Crunch

The king of streaming is struggling for growth

400,000: That’s the number of subscribers Netflix lost in the US and Canada in Q2 of 2021, the first time it has lost subscribers in those markets since early 2019.

Netflix is a business that is driven by one thing only: subscriber growth. To maintain its position as the market…

Number Crunch

Startups in India raised an unprecedented amount of money in first half of 2021

$20.5 billion: That’s the amount of money Indian start-ups raised this year as of 24 July, according to a report published by Inc42.

This is nearly twice the amount raised in the whole of 2020 ($11.5 billion).

Half of this amount was raised just in the month of July, led…

Number Crunch

Since 2016, employers have been seeking creators at a much higher rate

489,000: That’s the percentage jump in job listings featuring the keyword “Creator” in their title since 2016.

The creator economy has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. Platforms like YouTube, Substack, Spotify, and TikTok have given creators the ability to monetize their videos, podcasts, and newsletters.

Medium has found a…

Number Crunch

Airlines are going on a buying and hiring spree as customers return to the skies

$30 billion: The estimated cost of the 270 airplanes United Airlines is buying in preparation for the return of air travel, according to Reuters. The order is the largest in the company’s history.

The airlines are betting that the great pandemic staycation is over. Many have begun investing heavily in…


McDonalds is the latest chain to offer a loyalty rewards program

6000: That’s how many points you need to get a free Happy Meal in McDonald’s new loyalty program, aptly named MyMcDonalds Rewards, which begins its nationwide launch on July 8th.

McDonald’s is the latest in a long line to run a rewards program. Chipotle launched one in 2019. Taco Bell

Number Crunch

The e-cigarette maker has hooked teens on nicotine and is now facing serious legal repercussions

$40 million: That’s how much e-cigarette maker Juul will pay North Carolina to settle a lawsuit due to the company’s deceptive marketing practices that has caused a new epidemic of addiction amongst the youth. …


Pop business for the intelligent reader. A publication from Medium.

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