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No Mercy No Malice

Person of the Year

I make predictions, which is a shitty business. If they come true, circumstances leading up to the event make the prediction seem less bold. If they don’t, the Twitter troll army comes for you. On a risk-adjusted basis, bad idea.

Like that’s going to stop me.

Time’s 2021 Person of…

Source: Blank Street on Instagram.

There are 4,000 coffee shops in New York City. Blank Street thinks they’re all doing it wrong. The company just raised $25 million from Tiger Global and General Catalyst to blanket the city with mobile carts and micro-stores serving low priced, high quality coffee.

What is Blank Street?

Finding a cup of coffee in…

Apple’s new downtown L.A. Tower Theatre Store (Credit: Apple)

Commerce isn’t altruism, but Apple’s recurring acts of claiming, reviving, and revitalizing historic artifices in retail’s name is still laudable.

The Cupertino technology giant's latest reclamation project is opening its first Downtown Los Angeles, California, store on the site of the original Tower Theater, which opens to the public on…


Photo: Getty Images

Retail has endured one of its most difficult spells to date. The pandemic has ripped through the heart of the retail sector, severely reducing customer footprint and forcing periods of closure for stores not deemed essential. Many never reopened. A record 12,200 stores closed in the U.S. in 2020, and…

Photo by Thimo Pedersen on Unsplash

In December 2020, a rare Charizard Pokémon card sold for $360,000. Early in 2021, a Michael Jordan rookie card sold for $215,000. Weeks later, the same card sold for $738,000.

During the pandemic last year, with people locked inside and looking for something to flip the mood, quarantiners turned to…

Trend Mill

Photo: Aleks Dorohovich/Unsplash

Do you need to worry about how fresh your breath is when you’re at a distance from everyone around you and wearing a mouth-covering mask?

The answer is, no, you don’t. As the Hershey Company, one of the major players in the gum market, elegantly put it, “The functional need…


Pop business for the intelligent reader. A publication from Medium.

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