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A semi-scientific analysis of senior SWE job titles, and an unscientific set of opinions about them.

Group Projects Continue

I hated group projects in school. My teammates and I could never agree on scope, nothing had a clear owner, and mature conflict resolution was off the table (I guess I’ll just do the WHOLE THING MYSELF). Little did I know at the time that I would spend my entire…

A little-known startup has taken the automotive world by storm with the world’s first electric truck

For the past 80 years, the automotive industry has been difficult to break into. Incumbents reigned supreme, and startups — much less successful ones — were few and far between.

When electric vehicles were still in their infancy in 2012, Tesla stunned the world by bringing a successful luxury electric…

After decades of stability in the automotive world, startups finally have a chance to compete

Since the introduction of mass-market vehicles in the early 20th century, the automotive industry has been remarkably stable. The largest automakers from 80 years ago are still mostly among the largest today. Breaking into this industry was difficult, very few succeeded.

The rise of electric vehicles — and the slow…

European oil companies are investing aggressively in clean energy while their North American counterparts double down on fossil fuels

Not long ago, the idea that oil companies would invest heavily in clean energy seemed like a pipe dream. As the world was realizing the severity of climate change, many of the world’s largest oil companies donated millions to right wing think tanks that promoted distrust in climate science.



The world’s largest vaccine maker and the Gates Foundation bet big on a Covid-19 vaccine that’s still being tested

$3 per dose: That’s the maximum price the Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest producer of vaccines, announced it will charge India and other low- and middle-income countries for a Covid-19 vaccine.

Backed by a $150 million interest-free, forgivable loan from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Serum…


Pop business for the intelligent reader. A publication from Medium.

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