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DTC companies are turning to physical retail in an attempt to prove they are more than just hype

“They make your forehead look big,” my straight-shooting wife belted out with a chuckle. “Okay…” I said, slightly offended. “How about these glasses?” hoping for a more confidence-building response. “Now you look like that televangelist preacher from the 90s, Jim Baker,” she replied.

“I think we’re done here,” I said…

I Read It So You Don’t Have To

Two reporters tell the inside story of WeWork’s dramatic rise and implosion

I Read It So You Don’t Have To is a series that gives you the TL;DR on a business book you want to read — but don’t have time to.

What did I read?

The Cult of We: WeWork and the Great Start-Up Delusion by Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrell.

So who are Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrell?

Eliot Brown is a…

Number Crunch

Startups in India raised an unprecedented amount of money in first half of 2021

$20.5 billion: That’s the amount of money Indian start-ups raised this year as of 24 July, according to a report published by Inc42.

This is nearly twice the amount raised in the whole of 2020 ($11.5 billion).

Half of this amount was raised just in the month of July, led…

Or should we consider speed limits, guardrails, and restrictions on size?

The NFL is the most successful sports league in history, but how did a relatively obscure sport — born in Ohio in the 1920's — turn into a cultural and financial powerhouse?

In one word: Parity.

Although it was a long journey of experimentation, the governing body of the NFL…

Founders with a small exit in their first company were much more likely to build a unicorn in their next, a new study of startups shows

Alex Tew isn’t your stereotypical Ivy League college dropout or software engineer at Google who founded a billion-dollar startup. Tew was a student at Nottingham University when he started his first project. His itch for building something and making some money had led him to create “The Million Dollar Homepage”…

Number Crunch

Investors are hot for the business of keeping things cold

The text “$18 billion: The valuation of Lineage Logistics, a company specializing in refrigerated storage Source: The Wall Street Journal” next to the “Number Crunch” logo. Behind the text there is an illustration of icicles.

$18 billion: That’s the recent valuation of Lineage Logistics, a Novi, Michigan-based company that is now the world’s largest temperature-controlled warehouse and storage firm (as gauged by total space), according to the Wall Street Journal. Sure, Zoom, Robinhood, and Peloton grab a lot more headlines as “pandemic winners.” …

The death of spells the end of a movement that valued steady profits over breakneck growth

This week, Bryce Roberts, a Salt Lake City–based venture capitalist and the brains behind, announced that his VC firm that focused on sustainable profits over rapid growth would no longer be accepting or making further investments after funding nearly 40 companies over six years. “This is not intended to…


An investigation two decades later

Where Are They Now is a column that revisits once-popular companies and brands that have seemingly disappeared.

The shorthand for the bubbliest startup of the dot-com bubble has long been Kozmo, the turn-of-the-century startup that intended to solve the ultimate logistical problem: What if someone would just bring me that…

The startup’s opportunity is not conference calls, it’s never-ending drive-time radio

The invitation-only audio-chat social networking app clubhouse is pictured on a smartphone

Remember when the back of everyone’s toilet had a pile of magazines on it?Those magazine piles vanished with the advent of the mobile internet. Today, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are never-ending sources of content you can tune into in those spare moments, to occupy that part of your brain.

You will never be able to take the brand risks, the legal risks, or the partnerships risks that a true startup can

I’d exchanged DMs with Waze co-founder and CEO Noam Bardin a few weeks back to ask about learnings from his last few years inside Google. Waze is the $1 billion-plus acquisition that people, well, forgot about despite its size and growth. I mean, in all the “Big Tech” regulations discussions…


Pop business for the intelligent reader. A publication from Medium.

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