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Supply Chain

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Supply constraints and shipping bottlenecks could force us to recalibrate our holiday buying habits

Photo by on Unsplash

Number Crunch

Investors are hot for the business of keeping things cold

The text “$18 billion: The valuation of Lineage Logistics, a company specializing in refrigerated storage Source: The Wall Street Journal” next to the “Number Crunch” logo. Behind the text there is an illustration of icicles.


Only 1% of global lithium is currently mined in the U.S. That could be a problem.

Number Crunch logo with the text “1%: Share of global lithium output that is mined and processed in the U.S. Source: Wall Street Journal.” Below the text is an illustration of 100 batteries — with 99 filled-in batteries and 1 outline of an empty battery.

Number Crunch

When it comes to paying low-wage laborers, fast fashion is taking it slow

Number Crunch logo next to the text “$22 Billion: Amount that clothing brands owe their supplier factories. Source: Workers Rights Consortium” and above silhouette illustrations of workers at sewing stations.

Illustration: Pablo Delcan

The $32 billion company was known as an icon of manufacturing innovation. Then came the mask shortage—and Trump.

Number of the Day

The pandemic has left merchant sailors stuck at sea for months longer than they anticipated

Text “Number of the Day: 250,000 Shipping Workers” overlaid on a background of cargo containers with US and EU flags.
Photo illustration, source: Artur Debat/Moment/Getty Images

If we don’t let prices for essential goods rise, we can’t incentivize making more of them

Photo: Visuals/Unsplash

Turns out online grocery shopping was not built like the rest of e-commerce

An animation of long cartoon arms and hands putting produce and groceries in a shopping cart.
Illustration: Maria Chimishkyan


Pop business for the intelligent reader. A publication from Medium.

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