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Venture Capital

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DTC companies are turning to physical retail in an attempt to prove they are more than just hype

“They make your forehead look big,” my straight-shooting wife belted out with a chuckle. “Okay…” I said, slightly offended. “How about these glasses?” hoping for a more confidence-building response. “Now you look like that televangelist preacher from the 90s, Jim Baker,” she replied.

“I think we’re done here,” I said…

Founders with a small exit in their first company were much more likely to build a unicorn in their next, a new study of startups shows

Alex Tew isn’t your stereotypical Ivy League college dropout or software engineer at Google who founded a billion-dollar startup. Tew was a student at Nottingham University when he started his first project. His itch for building something and making some money had led him to create “The Million Dollar Homepage”…

Why founders in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and elsewhere are leveraging SPACs to take their companies public

Co-authored with Allen Taylor (Endeavor Catalyst)

Last month, Grab announced it would go public via SPAC. This is an incredible milestone in the world of SPACs (“Special Purpose Acquisition Companies), a sector that has exploded in the last two years. …

The death of spells the end of a movement that valued steady profits over breakneck growth

This week, Bryce Roberts, a Salt Lake City–based venture capitalist and the brains behind, announced that his VC firm that focused on sustainable profits over rapid growth would no longer be accepting or making further investments after funding nearly 40 companies over six years. “This is not intended to…

Not even $3.6 billion worth of committed capital will keep top VCs in Silicon Valley anymore. Founding partner of 8VC, co-founder of Palantir, and lifelong Californian Joe Lonsdale wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal explaining his decision to move to Texas, “the new land of opportunity.” He joins…

Hunter Walk, a VC and YouTube’s former head of product, blogged recently about virtual spaces turning into the “third place” between work and home. The internet is the safest place for social interaction in the pandemic, but Hunter writes about watching this phenomenon evolve from his front-row seat as an…

Startups and investors have pumped billions into the promise of remote learning. Why are we still so far behind?

Welcome to Buy/Sell/Hold, Marker’s weekly newsletter that’s 100% business intelligence and 0% investment advice. …

Why a new approach to venture capital is powering more sustainable startups — and funding more diverse founders

A man wearing a unicorn mask standing in a sunny field.

Thompson Aderinkomi was understandably wary about raising venture capital again. Just four months after closing a $7 million funding round for his first startup RetraceHealth in 2016, Aderinkomi was pushed out of the startup by the new board. This was after he had spent three years and taken on $1…

Why Big Tech sitting on piles of cash in the middle of a recession will power the coming M&A boom

In the middle of the Great Depression, Mars candy titan Forrest Mars Sr. decided he was going to buy a dog food company. For the head of one of the world’s most iconic candymakers, it wasn’t the most natural of acquisitions.

“He was always prepared to consider outlandish ideas,” a…

Startups need to brace for fewer seed rounds, harsher terms and more earthly valuations

A $100 US dollar bill against a black background.

“My mom used to tell me, ‘I think you were born with a horseshoe up your ass,’” says Eric Rea.

He has reason to feel lucky. He’s CEO of Podium, a messaging platform for small businesses that’s based in Lehi, Utah, which at the end of March closed on a…


Pop business for the intelligent reader. A publication from Medium.

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