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Let’s not kid ourselves; working our bodies to the bone is destroying us.

It’s the first full week of fall. The air is crisp and, after a long-awaited summer, we’re supposed to be feeling refreshed. But in the U.S. right now, people are absolutely fried. Four million people have quit their jobs for four months running, and labor shortages continue even as federal…

Number Crunch

Is WFH a paradigm shift, or a simple carryover from the pandemic?

700,000: That’s the number of white-collar workers who quit their job in May, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics—the highest ever recorded in a month in the bureau’s “professional and business services” category of knowledge workers.

Americans quitting their job has been a growing trend in recent months. About…

Why Europe doesn’t produce innovative new companies

Back in 1991, while I was still halfway through my MBA course, I left the U.K. and headed to California. As a very atypical U.K. passport-holder, I knew I wanted more from my life than merely to be one more cubicle slave among millions. And I knew, from the few…

Companies that can’t offer Black workers money, security, and positions in leadership should expect to lose their talent

A friend said something to me about white-collar jobs that has stuck with me for weeks now. He said that the reason there’s so little representation in the corporate world is because there’s so little room for Blacks to be mediocre.

He didn’t mean mediocre in the sense of underperforming…

Your company is not apolitical, no matter what your CEO says

I have several jobs, and one of them is “lowly adjunct” in the graduate school of journalism at NYU, where I teach a class about digital media innovation. As part of the course, my students have to conceptualize and prototype a new media product that could be used in a…

Everyday Design Icons

Why the symbol of corporate creativity will survive the remote-work era

Chances are if you’ve spent time in offices, you’ve spent time around whiteboards — and, perhaps, you’ve spent time dreading them. But where did these things come from, and how did they become a physical symbol of the mandatory brainstorming session?

Fittingly, the precise history of the whiteboard is somewhat…

Number Crunch

A global study conducted by Microsoft’s Work Trend Index found that 41% of respondents were considering leaving their jobs

41%: That’s the share of respondents in a 30,000-person global survey of workers conducted by Microsoft’s Work Trend Index who say they are considering leaving their jobs, as reported by Bloomberg.

The survey found that 54% of workers say they are overworked, and 39% say they are exhausted. Their bosses…

Comment of the Week

Readers weigh in on the great WFH experiment, a year into the pandemic

Earlier this week, Marker launched Index, a new publication about the lived work experience —“a place to diffuse lessons and learnings, candid moments of triumph or failure, missives for change or cathartic humor” as editor-in-chief Danielle Sacks recently described. As part of launch week, writer Will Leitch wrote about his…

An exploration of the office, work culture, identity, bias, navigating your career—and more

Dear Readers,

At Marker, we’ve chronicled the professional whiplash of the past year. Some people’s careers have soared throughout the pandemic, while others have lost their jobs or businesses. Some started companies or fundraised for the first time, while others struggled to balance working from home while running a homeschool…

Number Crunch

Some of these interns sure look a lot like employees

43%: That’s the share of internships offered by for-profit companies in the United States that are unpaid, according data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, per the Washington Post.

While unpaid internships have long been a subject of contention, Jane Slater, a reporter at the NFL Network, kicked…


Pop business for the intelligent reader. A publication from Medium.

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