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Special Report

The 101 Biggest Business Moves of the Pandemic

From the admirable to the audacious, the highs and lows that have defined the last eight months

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41 min readNov 16, 2020


Extreme times tend to bring out the best and worst in humanity — and the same can be said for business. Over the past eight months, the pandemic has taken companies, brands, CEOs, workers, and the economy on a wild ride we never asked for. Some companies have made prescient pivots and brilliant decisions; others have been crude opportunists or have gone to exceptionally creative lengths to stay afloat. Marker captures this improbable moment with our compilation of the 101 moves we’ll remember, we’ll learn from, or we’ll desperately try to forget — from the admirably heroic to the jaw-droppingly audacious. —Marker Editors


1. Facebook drops out of South by Southwest, crushing Austin’s economic spigot

On Monday, March 2, well before concerns about the coronavirus in the U.S. jump from mild anxiety to full-blown panic attack, Facebook deals a blow to the tech scene’s favorite annual gathering when it announces it will no longer be participating in SXSW, Austin’s iconic 34-year-old tech-music-film festival. Within two days…