How to Have Watercooler Moments When Your Team Is Remote

There are ways to bond with your team even when you only see each other over Zoom

A photo of a man working on his computer at home as he is taking notes.
Photo: nortonrsx/Getty Images

The disproportionate amount of work-related interactions could create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Where your work-from-home biases come from

This feels counterintuitive, but there are a ton of structural features that must be present for those serendipitous conversations with your coworkers to happen.

Creating serendipity to keep your coworkers three-dimensional

Scheduled, one-on-one, recurring, nonwork calls

Finding your virtual ping-pong table

Giving high fives and head nods to boost morale

Indy guy. Marketing guy. Trying to be a kind guy.

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