This Startup Savior Has a Message for Entrepreneurs: Ignore Silicon Valley

Nick Huber is leading a growing entrepreneurial movement that’s anti-unicorn—and pro-plumbing

A close-up portrait of Nick Huber with 2D illustrations of paintbrushes, buckets, arrows, and hammers surrounding his face.
Photo illustration by Rob Dobi for Marker

It’s almost a 1950s approach to entrepreneurialism, and indeed, Huber himself can seem like a throwback, almost as if a midcentury efficiency expert had landed in 2021 and found all of us a little coddled.

“When we looked at folks who were starting apps, with the target of competing with Facebook or those Silicon Valley-backed startups, it was so competitive. We said, ‘Let’s think about who’s making really good money by not being very good businessmen, and go compete with them.’”

“We have a business that’s wrapped in technology, and we’re competing against a bunch of folks who have clipboards and fax machines.”

Journalist covering criminal justice and business; novelist (NYT bestseller Everybody Rise). Latest:

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