What Seven Years at Airbnb Taught Me About Building a Business

Create strong culture, stay laser-focused on problems, and set wildly ambitious goals

Tips for new employees, painted on the walls during a hackathon. Mural: Andrea Nguyen, Jeany Ngo, Katie Chen; Photos: Lenny Rachitsky

Create strong culture, values, and rituals

Two early Airbnb rituals combined — Formal Friday and the human tunnel

Nail the problem statement

Set wildly ambitious goals

Start with the ideal and work backward

Host and Guest Snow White storyboards

Think of your org design as a product

“Use Your Voice”, by Shantell Martin, drawn free-hand over the course of a day at Airbnb HQ

Maintain a high bar for everything

Keep your teams focused


Tinkering. Previously, Growth PM Lead @ Airbnb, Founder/CEO, Software Engineer.

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