Why Upstart Nikola Is Trolling Tesla

The EV truck startup has a $23 billion valuation — staggering for a company that generates virtually no revenue and has yet to sell anything

Nikola Motor is taking pre-orders on its consumer-facing Nikola Badger pickup truck June 29, 2020, which will retail for an estimated $60,000. Nikola hopes it will be a direct competitor to Ford’s F-150 in 2022. Photo: Nikola Motor

Nikola is a darker story, about a CEO who uses the same tools, and abuses investors’ tendency to pattern-match, in order to build a business whose primary function is selling stock.

Return of the blank-check company?

The future of long-haul trucking

Their CEO, Trevor Milton, has a hyperactive Twitter presence, tweeting nearly 20 times a day (Musk manages a more sedate eight tweets-a-day pace. Then again, he’s CEO of two companies).

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