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Supply constraints and shipping bottlenecks could force us to recalibrate our holiday buying habits

We spend a lot of money every holiday season. Even in the heart of the pandemic, consumers managed to spend nearly a trillion dollars ($876 B), which was, remarkably, 4.1% more than the pre-pandemic previous holiday shop fest.

But for most of 2021, a storm’s been brewing and is now…

Did the BLM-supporting, pronoun-pin wearing tech company I work have to hire another white guy for the C-suite?

Around this time last year, my company went through the process of hiring a new C-suite exec. Unlike a lot of other tech companies, the one I worked for was all about inclusivity and diversity, at least on the surface. They visibly and financially supported the Black Lives Matter movement…

A new book chronicles the rise of passive investing, the pioneers who made it a dominant force in finance — and its potential downsides

When the renowned investor Warren Buffett bets a million dollars on an outcome, it’s rarely a good idea to take the other side of it. In 2008, the hedge fund manager Ted Seides decided to try his luck anyway, taking on Buffett’s public wager that an index fund that tracked…

No Mercy/No Malice

Digital ad fraud could be a $150 billion business by 2025, which would make it the largest criminal enterprise after the drug trade

If Edward Snowden was injected with a megadose of Super Soldier Serum, he’d look something like Frances Haugen. Perhaps Haugen’s disclosures — that among so many other evils, Zuckerberg knew Facebook’s products “harm children” — means that Facebook has crossed the wrong cowboys, specifically … cowgirls who are moms. …

As the clothing rental company prepares to go public, its S-1 filing reveals a brand that’s high on style but short on substance

WTF Is Depreciation?

Nothing gets my heart racing like the phrase “the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen since WeWork,” so my palms got sweaty when I saw this Tweet:

All assets have limited lifespans. Trucks can only drive for so many miles. Computers and IT hardware become obsolete. When’s the last time…

I Read It So You Don’t Have To

A recovering productivity addict wants us to think about time management through the lens of our imminent mortality

What did I read?

Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman

So who is Oliver Burkeman?

Burkeman is an award winning feature writer for The Guardian, where he wrote the weekly column, “This Column Will Change Your Life.” …

Number Crunch

Some investors warn that the eyewear company is being viewed through rose-tinted glasses

$6 billion: Warby Parker’s staggering valuation after its stock prices soared 36% during its debut on the stock market last Wednesday.

Many eyeballs were fixed on Warby Parker’s stock market debut on September 29, eager to see how the market would react to a DTC brand going public. The company…

Disney’s content-producing teams are firing on all cylinders. And it is working.

Since launching Disney+ in November 2019, the streaming service has gained 116 million subscribers. (Netflix has only gained 47 million during that time.) Hulu, which has been around for as long as anyone can remember, saw its most significant growth by absolute numbers last month. According to estimates from…

The clothing chain lures younger customers with a treasure hunting experience similar to a thrift store

At this very moment, there is a member of Gen Z thinking of buying a ripped shirt because it’s fashionable. While I, a Millennial, don’t understand the appeal, I know I’ve been suckered into a few questionable fashion choices. …

It aspired to change the world of media. Instead, Ozy flamed out in classic old school style

Ozy was always more than a tad pretentious. “Who in their right mind would name their company after Ozymandias?” one friend recently asked. …


Pop business for the intelligent reader. A publication from Medium.

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